Other Products

Battery Rack / Cabinet:

We manufacture customised Battery Rack and Cabinets as per customer requirement for various ratings of VRLA / Ni Cad batteries.

Cabinets can be designed and manufactured from IP 20 up to IP 42 protection with dimension that can match the site requirement (customised solution).



Batteries are traded from various top brands as per customer requirements from India for project requirements.

Brands we trade: HBL (VRLA & NiCad) / Exide (VRLA & Tubular) / Amararaja (VRLA)


Power Distribution Unit:

Power Distribution units are designed based on the no of poles required for distribution including various combination of 1 ph and 3 ph distribution network with 1 pole & 3 pole or 2pole & 4 pole circuit breakers. Distribution panels are designed with IP 20 protection and on request for higher IP. PDU is designed with separate compartment for Isolation transformer, Incoming and Outgoing distribution


Other Options:

Built-in Isolation Transformer

Branch Circuit Monitoring System