Power Audit

Importance of Power Audit and Power Quality:

The normal power being used is always polluted due to various connected load impurities in the industries. It creates huge impacts to the grid by consuming more power by lowering PF and increased harmonics than actual and damages upstream cable and switch gear.

SKASECO team is capable to do all type of power audits to identify the power quality issues generated by the various equipment in the unit or from the grid for stable operation in a cost -effective solution. 

There are two categories of power quality audit we do. 

  1. To provide a correct power conditioning equipment like UPS, Servo & Iso selection.
  2. To identify the site related issue like Power factor, Harmonics, Ripples, Spikes, Sags, Swells and Wired noises can be identified thru our detailed power quality audit / recording and through analysis to recommend an appropriate solution.

With our best solutions the setup can be operated with long life of installed systems and machineries.


Solutions we offer to the following segments to protect their critical equipment. We support all IT, ITES, FMCG, Chemical, Pharma, Process and Manufacturing Industries with various our Power Conditioning equipment and industry-based solutions.

K Rated Isolation Transformer

Non-linear load generates harmonic current that causes transformers and system neutral to overheat and destroy themselves.

We manufacture Isolation K rated transformers based on the current spectrum considering the derating factor and oversizing factor in both Aluminium and Copper based on customer requirements. We also offer complete noise filtering, line isolation and surge suppression with compliance to IEC 60076 standards/IS 2026 standards with low impedance with faraday shielding which offers 100% isolation to load from input supply. When critical loads are connected in parallel the common mode noise and normal mode noise gets penetrated to input AC line. This high magnitude also occurs due to switching off load. These noises are isolated by the transformers which also protect the load connected to it.

We manufacture K-rated transformer in compliance with ANSI/IEEE C57.110

K-factor value define the transformer ratio to withstand the current harmonics generated by non-linear type of loads without increase in maximum temperature value. In case of harmonics content loads connected to the transformer the core gets saturated as a result it produces lots of heat and if not designed to handle the harmonics, it will lead to failure of transformers. Different K-rated transformer are rating to handle harmonics load

K1 rated

Motors, incandescent lighting, resistance heating

K4 rated

Welders, Induction heating, HID / Fluorescent lighting

K9 rated

DC Drives

K13 rated

Telecommunications equipment, Classroom, Healthcare facilities, Production lines, Uninterrupted power supplies

K20 rated

Office buildings, Data processing equipment, Variable Speed Drives, Computer installations, Instrumentation